Gambling With a Pair of Tens

Democrats are gambling big. They have a pair of tens but they are betting their entire capital. They think health care takeover will make them heroes. It could easily make them losers.

Democrats are marching Americans across the island like the Japanese did in the Batan Death March in WWII where many died. They have us captive. It’s a punishing scenario. The guards are brutal.

The battle over Democrat’s health care takeover has parallels to many of the imbroglios of the great wars; Antietam, Bulge, Dardanelles. Maybe the closest parallels are the charge of the Light Brigade and Custer’s last stand. The battle lines are clear. The casualties are high and mounting. That it is a turning point in the war is clear. The danger to survivors is high. Have Democrats gone a bridge too far?

Jon Tester: “Change Parties”!

Suggestions for Senator Jon Tester

December 27, 2009

Don’t let Landrieu get all the goodies. Request an amendment for a Black Angus Museum in Bozeman, a Sheep Museum in Lewistown, a Horse Museum in Miles City, a Grizzly Museum in Kalispell, a Wolf Museum in West, a Sturgeon Museum in Glasgow and a Buffalo Museum in Helena. Don’t let duplication worry you. Make sure the appropriation is on the order of those finagled by Nelson, Landrieu and others.

Have you considered switching parties? Republicans welcome you, with sufficient contrition, of course. Liberal groups rate you poorly, so maybe the switch would not be cumbersome. One recent rating from a liberal watchdog group had you at only 25%. Come over. Switch your vote on the health care takeover to “no”. Be a stud.  You’ve taken orders from your present party long enough.