To have your building certified LEED, it must meet environmental standards.

But it is an example of green-enthusiasm with blinders. Bozeman, Montana’s city library is a LEED building. It has a solar array on the roof that cost $267,193 but returns energy at a paltry rate, $2,440 per year, a 100 year return on investment. That’s dumb. But the library website trumpets it as an earth-friendly feature. The north exposure of the building is an acre, seemingly, of glass, a giant heat-loss portal.

My son’s college class toured a Caterpillar plant in Nevada. It was proudly LEED certified. Someone asked where the painting was done. LEED requires no paint booths. They send their painting to another plant. Green morality goes geographic, and blind.

My son’s company produces metal extrusions and folded panels. Some welding required mating dissimilar metals. Noxious fumes are produced. To meet LEED requirements for the contract they are working on, City Center in Las Vegas, they could not weld the parts in their Las Vegas shop. They contracted with another division of their company in Ohio. The LEED requirements were met, but the net gain for the earth was zero.

Environmentalism spawns so many incongruities, so many false good feelings.

(See other goofy green projects reviewed on this blog at Environmental Travesties.)

There are very few ways to  accomplish what environmentalists want without inconveniencing people, forcing them to not have pretty buildings like those of City Center, to not  have ample living space as we presently do in our 3,000 square foot American homes, to not travel at will in cars, to not heat and cool their homes to a comfortable degree. Only by forcing people to be uncomfortable can fewer resources be used. Let’s all admit it. Ban dumb illusions like LEED.



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