iPad or Kindle?

I kinda wanted a Kindle.  I kinda want an iPad.

But I have so much reading in the classics to catch up on, and they’re free online, why do I need either? These e-readers are tailored to people who do social networking, read periodicals, and especially to those who read this month’s bes selling novels; I may not be the target audience. I could use a $399 laptop or a $299 notebook computer for reading classics when traveling.

Until I master Virgil, Shakespeare, Dante and Homer I should eschew Cussler and Mary Higgins whoever. I have the complete works of Shakespeare. It came to me via marriage 33 years ago. I have Faust in a Norton anthology paperback that I got for $1.00 15 years ago. That anthology has some Ibsen, Pope, Swift, Mann, Yeats, Flaubert, Tolstoy and dozens of others. For a buck. So many of the books I want to read are not current and I can get them online for a penny plus $3.99 shipping, I don’t think I will be buying the iPad anytime soon. Or the Kindle.


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  1. Tom,

    Having a Kindle and mini iPad or more commonaly knows as the “iPhone”. I can attest that for me I have been able to plow through many more books that I would have been able to find time to if I did not have them. You might be able to make a case for me being lazy because of how I choose to do it and so be it. I use the kindle to read me books that are not in audio book format and I use the iPhone to play the audio books that I get online. The iPad does to me replace the Kindle and I look forward to getting one soon. I will wait for the next version later this Summer. I like the idea of being able to to use it to link to my office via logmein.com and carry my entire library with me at a moments notice. I love the access to the “world” via the internet and all of its resources as well. I see can devices like the iPad becoming the norm for school kids and business people as well. Actually for anyone that wants to be conected to others and have access to events and happenings around them. I love that you can have all the knowledge of the past at your finger tips as well. The best of the past and present to try and map out your future.

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