Natural Law and Eternal Progression

Principles of natural law comport with the concept of eternal progression.

What are these principles?

There is a human nature. Humans are rational, social animals. Humans are different, in kind, from other creatures. Our form and structure sets us apart, as does our rationality and ability to choose.

There is an end-directed-ness in humans. Acorns become oaks; tadpoles become frogs. The end for which the creature exists is built-in. Humans are to flourish, mature, grow and develop. Some call this a teleos.

A religion that believes that people are the children of God ought to acknowledge that the pinnacle of personal development is being like God. This is our end, our goal.

Even non-religious people often champion human progress, individual maturation through education. To them, the end  for which humans are designed is a god-like knowledge, power and wisdom in choosing. They aim for the complete person. Completeness, in some languages, is synonymous with perfection. Education advocates call for perfection and completeness, the flowering and fruiting of human potential.

The teachings of our religion, more than any other I’m aware of, encapsulate this natural law ideal.

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