Choctaw Indians’ Casinos

Just some quick math here.

The Choctaws have two casinos, the Silver Star and the Golden Moon. The Sivler Star has 3,000 slot machines. Each one probably profits $150 per day, or $54,000 per year. 3,000 x $54,000 equals $162 million profit per year. Divide that by the 2,300 residents of the reservation for a per capita profit of $70,000, or $281,000 for a family of four.

The question is, since, the casinos started pumping all this money into the reservation, have the following indicators of personal fulfillment changed?

Educational attainment, suicide rate, rate of low childbirth weight babies, incidence of fetal alcohol syndrome, increased pride in kin and cultural history, family violence, drug use, life expectancy, incidence of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and lung cancer, employment, dependence on government programs, treatment for depression, net worth, out-of-wedlock child bearing, marriage rate, use of libraries.


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