Liberal Democrats Abjure Tea Parties

This quote from the LA Times is an understatement:

Across the country, tea party groups that had focused on planning rallies are educating members on how to run for GOP precinct representative positions. The representatives help elect county party leaders, who write the platform and, in some places, determine endorsements.

Glass’ group and others say their work is nonpartisan; their hope is that people will reshape both major political parties. But for most of the small-government conservatives of the tea party movement, the Republican Party is a more natural fit.

Democrats can’t swallow the small government pill. For them, government is the way. It solves problems. It saves people. It imparts life. Democrats love central planning and state-formed solutions. They distrust individualism. They rely on government, they trust government. They mistrust individuals and families as the locus of problem-solving. They are not, as a party, that is, against big government. They cherish it.


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