WIC Trouble

WIC Trouble

A friend was buying groceries. The woman ahead of her was paying for her cart of groceries with WIC bucks. (Women, Infants and Children food program, from the US Department of Agriculture, administered by the states.) The woman held up the line for 15 minutes. She not only looted their wallets but inconvenienced their time. She had picked a half gallon of 1% milk. The guidelines precluded that. A stocker had to run to the back to exchange it for a quart. Alberston’s doesn’t carry that item. A substitute had to be found. My friend was steamed. Welfare programs, seen up close often disappoint, to speak euphemistically.

Two days later, I overhead a young couple at church who walked up to the full-time missionaries.

They said, “Hey, we can give this to you.” They pulled from their backpack two large cans of canned orange juice.

“This is some of our WIC juice. We get so much we can’t drink it all.” It’s a case of freebies so lavish the recipients cannot consume them. The non-qualified get the overrun.

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