Candidacy is a Meat Market

Candidacy is a Meat Market

Judging beef

Judging beef

Want to be judged as in a beef judging contest or a meat market? Run for public office.

Here are some of the guidelines for judging beef:

  1. First, because it’s most important for meat quality, inspect the animal’s muscling, especially over the shoulders, loins, rump and round. The muscle should be well defined and toned.
  2. Examine each animal for finishing. Beef cattle should be heavy enough without a large fat deposit beneath the skin. They should also have deep, voluminous rib cages for adequate feed intake.
  1. Check each animal for conformation. Have the showers take their animals around the ring, and watch their gaits. Cattle should be balanced front to back and have a level topline. When not in motion, the animals should have square foot placement, and legs should appear straight when observed from the front or behind.


As a candidate, be ready to be judged on muscling, (make sure it’s well-defined and toned!), finishing, conformation, gait, haircut.

Filing for office is like walking down a style show runway. People scrutinize you. Yesterday I gave a 10 minute speech at an announcement event at the Holiday Inn. The event was right after the Gallatin Republican Women’s luncheon.

At that luncheon, two candidates for county commission, two for treasurer and two for sheriff spoke at a forum and answered questions. They were examined for demeanor, vocabulary, presentation, dress, forcefulness and warmth. Their positions on issues were also under a microscope.

At my event, people stood back and asked themselves: Does he look statesmanlike? How did he situate the backdrop behind the lectern? Did he have a strong message? Did he craft it persuasively and deliver it warmly and crisply? Is he a champion I can support with money? Is he a winner? They look at hair, physique, clothes, campaign materials. They ask: What are his chances of winning? What will other people think?

And that’s the looks and questions of Republicans, those who are your friends!

In TV people give you 4-5 seconds and have to evaluate you for toughness, odds of winning, intelligence, principles, physical looks.

Candidates are supposed to be combative but not mean. They are never to back down. Voters like a fighter, someone fighting for their values. They put no value in a candidate who absorbs blows like a Tai Chi fighter, who is humble like a searcher after religious truth such as a priest, nun, monk or devotee, who admits that their opponent might have a point, who is willing to admit and learn from mistakes. No; weakness, meekness, humility and teachableness are not seen as attributes in a political candidate.

Try combining fierceness with personal warmth, in a few seconds or a few minutes. All while placing words together coherently. It’s not easy. Candidates are expected to pull this off. Campaigning is a meat market.


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