Health Care Passes. Sound the Dirge.

R.I.P., U.S.A.

Dastardly! They passed the loathsome thing. Oh, the perfidy, the chicanery!

Obama and Pelosi scaled the summit. But every step, underfoot, lie crushed the liberties, lives and health of their subjects.

We have witnessed the hasty dismantling of the rule of law, of freedom of contract, of an economy based on individualism and markets. We have witnessed the hasty hoisting of taxes, a ravenous gulp of the wolf jaw of the central planners.

The government has gone from 50% owner of health care to 100%.

Add health care to the scalp pole, on which are banks and auto makers. Soon to follow will be energy!

“Go back to your machines!

Quiet, ye rabble! To your chains!

All aboard for the Gulag!”

How do you like being a cog in the vast state-owned enterprise?

Take it lying down or fight back every step of the way.


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