Code Green

Code Green

This green building code is uneconomic. Pay $7,000 more for a little house to make it a tad more energy efficient. That will add $516 to the mortgage costs yearly. It will save $200 in energy consumption. This is another environmentally-driven requirement that actually harms the environment. The $316 difference could go to something that actually makes a difference for the environment.

No more unfinished basements. They cause extra energy costs. That’s not green enough. So new building codes are forbidding them.

New building codes recommended by the International Energy Conservation code have been adopted by the Montana Building Codes Council. Can green bias be detected?

Spend $516 to save $200? Who calls that a good deal?

($7,000, 30 years, 6.25%, yearly cost $516.$7,000, 15 years, 6.25%, yearly cost= $720, an even worse deal.)


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