Tax Day Tea Party in Bozeman

April 15, 2010

I marched with and spoke at the Tax Day Tea Party in Bozeman. Activists were animated, yet civil. The spirit was hopeful, positive, and “can-do”, but alert to dangers from ever-expanding government.Our grievances are legitimate. These good Americans are to be taken seriously. A few showed up in opposition. They departed, flashing obscene gestures: hate and vitriol from the Left.

Below is the text of my remarks, including prompts to show visual aids.

Talk April 15 2010   Tax Day Tea Party

There are only three kinds of people in the world, those who can do math and those who can’t. The math challenged are in Washington and Helena.

“The government’s finances are in much worse shape than the politicians are telling you.”   David Walker, former comptroller general

At the present trajectory, by 2030, 40% of the federal budget will be for interest.

We are seeing a “sudden acceleration” in spending at federal and state government. Hold up a Toyota pedal. Toyota has been blamed for sudden acceleration. Sudden acceleration, out-of-control in spending is ruining the country and the states!

The acceleration is bad in Montana. Since Governor Schweitzer took office spending has increased 39%!! This is how it looks. Here is spending before Schweitzer. Add blocks. This is spending now. And if not restrained, this is how it would be in another 6 years! (Reach.)Meanwhile people in the private sector are unemployed and Montana’s median household income hovers in the range of 46th out of 50 states.

It’s time to end out-of-control government spending! Montana’s looming $473 million budget shortfall is roughly the same, per capita, as New York’s $10 billion shortfall.

The governor called for $40 million in cuts. That’s pathetic. It’s one percent. We need real cuts to save Montana’s economy. He is no fiscal conservative.

You’ve been handed a flier with the address of a website Take a minute to go there and add your ideas for cutting out-of-control spending in Montana. Or just vote on some of the ideas that are posted there.

Let’s get more entries for this site than the governor got on his. We’ll present the Golden Axe Award to one of the people who enters a budget cutting idea. Hold up Axe

I am the Republican candidate for the state legislature in HD 63. That district starts just south of the museum and makes an arc through Triple Tree, Bear Canyon, Bridger Canyon and Sypes Canyon. If you live there, I’m asking for your vote and support.

Do you want the government taking care of you? Are you helpless?

Do you want free food, housing and medicine from the government?

Do you want government setting your thermostat or designing your next car?

Do you want government telling your doctor what’s best?

Do you want government picking your food?

Do you want government telling where and how you can travel?

Do you want government setting your carbon footprint?

Do you want government limiting your family or house size?

Let’s rise up and be men and women of independence and self-reliance!

Let’s put government in its place. Stop out-of-control government spending!


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