Aristotle for Everybody

Book by Mortimer Adler.

I finished this, for the second time, a few weeks ago. I read it 20 years ago.

I liked it enough to read the whole thing. I find all disputes to be philosophical at root.

I don’t have time to write a full list of the things I enjoyed about reading of Aristotle’s thought, but want to capture the achievement before it fades. I liked the explanation of the four causes and the idea of forms. I dwelt on the idea of ultimate Beauty and “got that” for the first time. I’m so impressed by these ancients. So thorough in their understanding about human nature. And they didn’t even have pencils. They were thinkers!

Adler tries to make this accessible for 6th grades. I’m glad to be able to understand at that level. It seems a little more advanced than than. It challenged me.

This is worthwhile reading.