Kindle vs. Book

Kindle vs. Book


Things You Can Do With a Book

Drop it momentarily in water. Dry it out and read it further.

Tear out a page; make origami.

Hand to a friend.

Fan pages.

Dog-ear pages.

Press a flower between pages.

Drop it hard on the ground without fear it will crack.

If you lose a $3.00 book, it’s no big deal.

Stack it proudly on a bookshelf.

Write in with ball point ink or pencil.

I love my Kindle, but in these ways, paper books shine.

On the other hand:

Drop a Kindle in water and trouble ensues.

It has no pages to tear out for fire, crafts, or placemarkers in other books.

If I hand it to a friend, many books are gone.

I love making notes in my Kindle. It probably outshines books in this respect, but it still defies dog-earing, a pleasure in its own right.

Flowers and Kindles don’t mix.

Sudden incidents involving gravity can seriously impair electronic devices.

If you lose a Kindle with 100 books, you regret it.

A Kindle IS a bookshelf. It doesn’t take a library. Home libraries are classy.

Kindle’s screen does not welcome pens and pencils.

The face is subject to scratching. A scratch on a book is inconsequential.


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