A Few Clarifications

Some people cast aspersions.

One aspersion is that, “Tom would have us believe that anyone who accepts government assistance of any type for any reason has no dignity.”

It is well accepted that it is more dignified to be self-reliant and that America is founded on a Declaration of Independence not a declaration of dependence. I do admire people who refuse subsidies. I have family members and friends who mail back U.S. Treasury stimulus checks. This is admirable.

Another aspersion is that, roughly paraphrased, Tom would consider those who need remedial education as less than worthy. Who spends time mentoring young men who are poor and need guidance, teaching math and reading skills and character habits? Who teaches as a volunteer in the public schools? Who “adopts” elderly folks in the nursing homes with his children and visits them? Who visits underprivileged homes and helps out? Who works in homeless programs? Who worked for decades on charitable welfare boards? Who plays accordion for Girl Scout events and in nursing homes?

Another aspersion is that because Tom’s business doubled after he sold it, he must not be that smart at business. If his business doubled several times before the sale, would it not be natural to expect it to keep doubling? That should cast a positive light. People who know how to expand business are needed in the legislature. Who knows if it doubled? Double the square feet does not mean a doubling of profit, when employment stayed at roughly the same level.


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