The Unseen Carbon Agenda

The Unseen Carbon Agenda

The Wall Street Journal wrote today that, though cap and tax has been stymied for the moment, the White House is pursuing the aims of carbon abatement through other means, notably through EPA regulations.

It made me reflect on the breadth of the carbon abatement agenda. It reaches throughout the realm. It underlies Smarth Growth, densification, empty Streamline buses, mass transit subsidies, light rail, the Hiawatha passenger rail proposal, Neighborhood Conservation Clubs, carbon task forces in cities, counties, colleges and state agencies, empty parking garages, water bottle bans, plastic bag bans, recycling, weatherization, subsidies for solar, green building codes, windmills, green jobs, prohibitions on car idling, city-provided electric car charging stations, roundabouts, CAFÉ standards, and California’s clean energy portfolio standards. It’s everywhere.


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