Books to the Legislature

Books to the legislature:

I brought to Helena the following:

The Bible and other sacred scriptures

Immortal Poems of the English Language (Williams)

The Patriot’s Toolbox (Heartland Institute)

Principles for a Free Society (Epstein)

Simple Rules for a Complex World (Epstein)

The Structure of Liberty (Barnett)

Rights Talk (Glendon)

The Peacemaker

As You Like It (Shakespeare- audio)


Besides the reading pertaining to my committee assignments, I’m making sporadic progress in The Spirit of Laws, (Montesquieu), Justice (Sandel) and The Peacemaker.


Competing Interests

Competing Interests. You Decide.


Imagine being a decider in the following circumstance.

A, B and C need food, medicine and schoolteachers. X, Y and Z have surrendered their earnings to you, M, the decider.

Available funds are $30,000.

You can split the money three ways equally, or in any way you consider just. A,B, and C appear before you, each insisting that their need is greatest. How will you split the money?


Or, try this scenario:

As parents, you have $4,500 discretionary income. Sally needs braces costing $4,500. Jim needs his first semester college expenses paid, in the amount of $4,500. Your mother-in-law is in a drafty, uncaring nursing home. To upgrade to a better home would cost $4,500 more than the one she is in for the first year. On what grounds can you decide who gets the money?


Welcome to the Appropriations committee.