Competing Interests

Competing Interests. You Decide.


Imagine being a decider in the following circumstance.

A, B and C need food, medicine and schoolteachers. X, Y and Z have surrendered their earnings to you, M, the decider.

Available funds are $30,000.

You can split the money three ways equally, or in any way you consider just. A,B, and C appear before you, each insisting that their need is greatest. How will you split the money?


Or, try this scenario:

As parents, you have $4,500 discretionary income. Sally needs braces costing $4,500. Jim needs his first semester college expenses paid, in the amount of $4,500. Your mother-in-law is in a drafty, uncaring nursing home. To upgrade to a better home would cost $4,500 more than the one she is in for the first year. On what grounds can you decide who gets the money?


Welcome to the Appropriations committee.


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