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Government Diabetes Programs

Who benefits from diabetes prevention?

If the government pays for all a person’s prevention and treatment, it saves a lot by convincing the person to prevent diabetes by walking and eating less food, proper foods.

Assume that prevention programs, where persons are put through lectures, weigh-ins, group-support meetings, cost the government $1,100 per year. Assume the government instead gives out medicine and insulin at a cost of $1,800 per year. Should the government be able to force recipients into the cheaper treatment, walking and temperance?

Does a Medicare or Medicaid person pay much if he or she gets diabetes? Does the government? The more a person bears the costs of sedentary ways and poor food and drink choices, the more likely he or she will be to self-correct. As long as the government pays no matter what they choose, persons will likely choose tasty foods, large portions and idle entertainment.

Can the government force the recipient to engage in brisk walking and proper eating since the government suffers all the costs of inactivity and over-indulgence?

For the person, such a pitiable ignominy!

Supporting material:

The researchers point to the increase in the prevalence of obesity and the medical problems it triggers as the culprit that is driving increases in total medical spending.  Although private payers bear a large portion of costs associated with spending on risks related to obesity, public-sector spending remains substantial.  Medical spending linked with obesity accounts for 8.5 percent of Medicare expenditures and 11.8 percent of Medicaid expenditures

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