I Stand by My Friend

I take personal umbrage at the invective hurled at my colleague, Kris Hansen, state representative from Havre. She has received threats and vitriol by phone. She has endured harsh verbal treatment, finger wagging, name calling and scorn, in Helena establishments.

Kris is a fine person, a reasonable person, a person of distinction and accomplishment, a person who has served in the U.S. military. She is a county attorney in Havre. She has endured unmerited rebukes with fortitude. She should not have to do this alone. And so I stand at her side. I am her friend and admirer. I voted for some of her bills.

We’ve played basketball together. She sets a fierce pick, always in good humor and spirit. She’s no weakling. But it is time for her allies to rally around her.

The recent telephone message she received was abominable. The anonymous caller is a coward. His words are like a spear thrown from the blackness of a fetid cave. I invite him into the open field.

One Response

  1. I, too, want to stand and rally around Kris Hansen. She is a great lady and a great American. She knows the law and knows that every person is already protected by the laws we have. Why do some need special treatment? I would like special treatment but who cares? The cowards that are threatening her should be tracked down and disciplined. I don’t mean slapped on the hands, I mean disciplined to the max! I am so sick of these kinds getting away with their antics.

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