Democrat and Republican Legislators

One difference between Democrats and Republican legislators is  source of income and livelihood.

More Democrats have jobs in government or non-profits that are largely dependent on taxpayer funds. Or they retired from such positions.

Democrats: 63% jobs in government, public schools and colleges, non-profits. (House and Senate.)

Republicans: 6-10% jobs in government, public schools and colleges, non-profits.  (House only.)


These are not scientific findings, but they are close enough to shed important light on this phenomenon and its ramifications.


Republicans make, or made, their living in manufacturing, marketing, law, ranching, forest consulting, computer service, oil, construction, wholesaling, insurance, property development, retail.



3 Responses

  1. The proper adjective is “democratic,” not democrat. The important information that I glean from your comment is that republican legislators stand up for big business because that’s who they are. Democratic legislators stand up for schools because that’s who we are.


  2. Hey Greg:
    Almost no employees of big business. One owns a porta-potty business. One sells tractors. One is an independent insurance agent. One owns a landscape nursery. One is a retired dairy farmer. One owns a bar and restaurant. One builds lottery machines. One is a retired used car lot owner. One is a developer. One is a realtor. One ran independent lumber mills. One has a cabinet shop. One builds truck bodies.

  3. Just take the word “big” out of my previous statement. The bar owner you mention put forth legislation to repeal DUI laws, claiming they hurt business. I believe they are working to make the state law more lenient on businesses. Your side sees this as a good thing. My side sees what happened when you loosened restrictions on the Bankers.

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