Refuse Handouts

Live Free.

Deny a subsidy.


Refuse school lunch, WIC, food stamps, government-paid job training, crop subsidies, Medicaid, Healthy Montana Kids, Insure Montana, FEMA disaster relief funds, subsidized child care, rent assistance, utility assistance, other grants. Accept these only in catastrophes, and only for the shortest time possible.


Wise parents follow this maxim: Never do something for a child that he or she can and should do for himself or herself.


I can take this advice personally: never allow someone to do for me what I can and should do for myself.


Being dependent is not being free.


There is dignity in self-reliance, even at a low income level.


In modern society, it is fairly difficult to avoid all subsidies. Still, to the extent possible, avoid handouts. It used to be a matter of pride. In order to save our country, more people should avoid handouts and government programs. Until we do, we deserve all the trouble created by runaway spending and stupendous debt.



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