789 Computer Employees

789 Computer Employees in State Government

Number           Position Title

1          Chief Information Officer

34        Computer Applications Engineers

57        Computer Information Systems Managers

4          Computer Operators

74        Computer Programmers

10        Computer Security Specialists

51        Computer Supervisors

74        Computer Support Specialists

18        Computer Support Technicians

153      Computer Systems Analysts

24        Computer Systems Engineers

33        Data Control Specialists

2          Data Center Operators

23        Data Control Technicians

17        Data Processing Clerks

10        Data Processor Technicians

3          Database Administrators

35        Database Analysts

6          Information Technology Support

5          Information Systems Analysts and Supervisors

5          IT Busienss Analysts and Trainers

1          IT Operations Team Leader

3          IT Other

64        Network Administrators

2          Network Engineers

55        Network Systems Analysts

15        Software Engineers

4          System Administrators

6          Web Developers


That is about 6.3% of the approximately 12,500 state employees, not including university employees.

If you use the 14,829 figure from a different list, which includes seasonal and short term employees, the figure is 5.3%.


4 Responses

  1. How many of these computer specialists work in the MUS system? I suspect that many of them do. If so, wouldn’t it be more honest to include MUS employees in the state total before you did your calculation. Why is it a bad thing to have a lot of computer specialists working for your state government?


  2. None are in Montana University System. Is it a bad thing to have a lot of computer specialists? That depends on if they are needed. We naturally presume they are all needed.

  3. Computer applications can bring great efficiencies, so we don’t have to add more State employees to do manual/clerical work. When I started my current IT job in State government, we had 4 computer specialists in my unit. 13 years later we have grown to 6 specialists. We now have 8 times as many servers/databases/applications to support, yet we haven’t grown much in staff. And we’re needed 7x24x365 to support systems that have Federal up-time requirements of 99.9%.

  4. The original post had no imputation as to sufficiency or surfeit, plain facts. In business, I never bought a computer that did not pay for itself. The same could not be said for some of my company’s software and non-computer capital purchases. IT has a strong record of being money well spent.

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