Per Capita State Payroll, 8 States

State	State Payroll	Pop.	 Per capita
	March 2009		state payroll
MT	$77090116	974000	$79
ID	$92183356	1545000	$59
UT	$212334315	2784000	$76
CO	$344631386	5024000	$68
ND	$67733089	646844	$104
SD	$50707337	812383	$62
WY	$51849585	544270	$95
NE	$115486265	1796000	$64

If Montana spent the same per capita for state employees as Idaho, annual savings to taxpayers would be $2.9 million.

4 Responses

  1. Tom,

    We have a lot more governor per capita than Idaho because we have fewer people. We have more roads and fewer people to pay for them, simple as that. If you look at the number of highway patrolmen per capita in Montana, you would think we have too many. Clearly that is not the case. You should be more careful in your reasoning, I think.

    Your friend,

  2. My point, Tom, is that number of state employees per capita is a meaningless statistic and should not be used in political arguments. If every state in the union fired all of their employees except fifteen each, every state would collapse, but the local tea party would be complaining that Montana had a full 38 times the employees per capita as California.

    We just need to decide what services we want to provide for our citizen, and then we need to collect the revenue to pay for it. And then we need to stop the endless whining about taxes. I love to pay my property taxes. The bulk of the money goes to public schools and is the best money I spend all year. No, I don’t have any kids in the public schools, but the concept of the “common good” is important to me. I reject the Randian philosophy of “I’ve got mine, to hell with the rest of you.”

    We’ve had this discussion before,

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