Does Oil Money Make Smart Kids?

Lambert schools have a 3 out of 10 ranking. They spend $32,000 per year per pupil. 40% of 10th grade students are proficient on math compared to 54% statewide.

Would doubling school funding by increasing oil and gas tax revenues guarantee academic success for all students?


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  1. Tom,

    You are using the per-capita argument again to justify your belief that educators just burn money in the teacher’s lounge. Lambert is a tiny town with one public school. The average class size is four students, one fourth the state average. They spend four times the state average per student because they have one-fourth the class size. They have ONE teacher covering ALL sciences for the 7-12 grades. Would you suggest they save money by cutting that number in half? Which half?
    I have spent my life training public school teachers. They are not the lazy, shiftless, wasters of public funds that you make them out to be. They are paid low salaries to do a difficult job. They don’t need you twisting numbers around to make them look like Paris Hilton.


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