38% or 53.5?


Maybe 38% out-of-wedlock childbearing is making test scores impervious to additional school spending. (Average education expenditures per pupil rose from $3,400 in 1965 to $8,745 in 2001, in constant dollars. US.)


Or maybe it is the 53.5 hours per week school-age kids spend texting, playing electronic games and watching TV. That’s every waking hour a kid is not in school or sports. Five hours a night, M-F, from 5-10. Then 11.75 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday, 10 am-10 pm.

What affects education most? Perhaps doubling “school funding” would not counteract the results inherent in the numbers above.

With numbers like these, it is unlikely that further increases in taxes spent on education would result in great strides in literacy for each child. These numbers may represent Sysyphus’ boulder.


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