Work Slowdown, Few Workers Lost

At State Fund, the state run worker’s compensation program, the workload has shrunk 12%, but the agency only has 3% fewer employees. Shrinkage resistant.

Policies in force went from 30,641 to 27,136; full time equivalent State Fund employees went from about 295 to 285.


4 Responses

  1. Good Grief. Is that how you ran your business, Tom? When sales declined by 10% you fired 10% of your staff? Would the shrinking of the State Fund workload have anything to do with the shrinking number of employed? Are employees (and their attendant experience) just cogs and numbers to you, interchangeable like widgets?

  2. That figures out to 100 policies per employee.

    Considering most policy holders don’t have any claims that seems like a lot of people handling a few claims

    Also the top brass at workers comp earn in excess of 200 grand per year which seems a little excessive

  3. Many of the top earners at State Fund are medical doctors. It turns out that medical doctors are expensive.

  4. Tom,

    Are you paying some special tax that the rest of us don’t see. My state taxes are not at all high, given the many services I enjoy. Why do you spend your life trying to prove that government workers are stealing your money?


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