Week in Hospital: 84 cents.

Man, 85, spends week in hospital. He dies. Medicare pays $49,999.16. Medicare bills widow $.84.

Where does the $49,999.16 come from? From taxpayers, the Chinese, and Bernanke inflation bucks.


2 Responses

  1. The 85-year-old man paid into the Medicare program his entire life. His widow is not getting off Scott free. The tax payers are not being robbed. This is exactly how we should take care of old people. Leaving them on the side of the trail is so old school.

  2. I know that the main issue here is where that medicare money is coming from, but does it seem a little outrageous that one week in the hospital, with the end result being the death of the patient (most would consider this failure), would cost almost 50k? That is probably more than the 85 year old man made in a year most years.

    To make things worse, I am sure that private insurance would have adjusted the total down to somewhere near 25k because they have different limits for the prescribed treatment. I would love to see transparency and rational pricing in the healthcare space.

    We talk about the free market all the time on the health insurance side of things, but I would love to see the payment and cost of health care subjected to the free market as opposed to some sort of fragmented cartel.

    No offense to my friends who are doctors, dentists or otherwise affiliated with the health care system. You are just playing within the rules that you have been given. But the rules are broken. The whole issue of who is stuck paying for it would be a mute point if it were rationally priced.

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