Pleasantly Surprised

Pleasantly Surprised

In the legislature, the degree of comity between Republicans and Democrats surprised me. I expected worse partisanship. News accounts augured this expectation. I enjoyed a fairly collegial working relationship with legislators with whom I expected to find little hope of cooperation. I found common ground that I never knew existed. Courteous modes of address prevailed. Democrats voted for Republican bills and vice versa. Rebukes were rare. Personal warmth was evident even when ideas clashed.

Some of the areas of unexpected agreement:

  • Tax reform should flatten tax breaks; it should be broad rather than targeted.
  • Business creates jobs. (Though the moniker “corporation” choked Democrats.)
  • Wasting money on administrative churn is not approved. Save money for real work, beneficial purposes.
  • Highest value projects should expect funding over lower value projects.
  • Some Democrats shunted worse case scenarios associated with resource development and approved coal, oil and transmission projects.
  • A reverence for the Constitution was stated, even by some who favored greater government control. Ideas on particular Constitutional provisions and understandings did vary.
  • Humor arose from unexpected exchanges.

One Response

  1. That is great to hear! I wish that the news would cover some of the wins and successes of government working together rather than just showing the disagreements and stale mates.

    As it becomes more apparent that the news shows are just as driven by the ratings as other entertainment it really makes it hard to watch any of the programs and expect to really learn anything.

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