Building Your Own Bridge

My father refused FEMA funds to rebuild our bridge the flood of 1981 took out.

His independence is admirable.

Sections from his journal and my mother’s journal verify this event.

Barbara’s Journal: June 22, 1981

Picked up Walt Harris on my way home from Livingston on the paper route. His home address is …Lilburn, GA 30247. He was hitchhiking with a guitar and heavy pack. Even though I hardly ever pick up hitchhikers, I felt prompted to give him a ride. He was interested in coming home to our place to pitch his tent for the night and sing and play some old-time music. We took him to town to deliver bread at IGA and to KBOZ to get the tickets to the circus Shauna won, and then to the garden to pick out a few weeds, (at Bronson’s). He stayed the next day wanting to help Darwin on the bridge and sawmill. We all enjoyed his company.

Darwin’s Journal: June 7, 1981

The creek is up 6 inches tonight.

July 9, 1981.

Tom, Del, Shauna, Heidi, Barb and I hauled rock for the bridge. We made fair improvement. I need about 4 more loads in pickup plus some top material.

June 20, 1981.

Chris Wood and I hauled 3-4 loads of concrete chunks from town to build the bridge abutments. I paid him $10 for 6 1/2 hours work.

Jun 22, 1981.

Al Randall stayed here until last Thursday (June 18) after I told him I could not afford any more pay. He had to spend 3 weeks nights in jail in Livingston for drug possession.


School Choice

The Year of School Choice

No fewer than 13 states have passed major education reforms, (in recent legislative actions, signed by their governors.)

LA, OH, NC, WI, IN, FL, GA, OK, TN UT, etc.


Wall Street Journal, July 5, 2011


Not MT. HB 603 died, leaving MT as only one of ten states without a charter school law.


(The WSJ story had a funny typographical error: Standards must behigher than they are.)

Are Americans Independent?

Farmers depend on taxpayers for ethanol subsidies.

Homeowners depend on solar and mortgage subsidies.

Electric car drivers depend on taxpayer subsidies.

One in seven Americans depends on taxpayer food stamps for their pop and chips. (Unhealthy foods are mostly what food stamps buy.)

Nearly forty percent of pregnant women depend on taxpayers to deliver their babies, with Medicaid.

Dependence is not independence.

Independence is so much more dignified.

This Independence Day, let’s honor independence.