Books Read Recently

Faust Part II

That book makes me want to know German so I can read it in the original. Powerful stuff.

How An Economy Grows and Why it Crashes, by Peter D Schiff and Andrew J. Schiff

This lesson is excellent. Production over consumption. Saving over consumption. Deferred gratification. Investment. Sound money. Market distortion. The cartoon graphics are most welcome.

The Red Market, by Carne.

He examines markets in organs, blood, babies and wombs. His chief concern is exploitation, leaving concerns about kin identity, human bonds, sanctity of the body aside. Hi approach is that of a reporter, not ethicist.

Now 1/10 of the way through The Iliad.

The introduction was so good, I wondered if Homer would be eclipsed. It set me up well.

Homer’s doing fine so far.