American and European Softness

President Barack Obama  said the U.S. has lost some of its competitive edge and gotten a “little soft.”

Vaclav Klaus says Europe is permissive, anti-market and redistributive, that they’ve “forgotten the ideas on whichthe greatness of Europe was built.”

He noted huge economic problems and undemocratic centralization.

Europe is “seemingly people-friendly, non-demanding and paternalistic,” and insufficiently economically productive.

“This system, with its generous social benefits, weakened motivation, shortened working hours, prolonged years of study, and lowered retirement ages,” led to very slow economic growth.

“Massive regulation from above and an ever-expanding welfare system” burden business.

He recommends that America not follow this model but turn back toward freedom.


These quotes are found in Imprimis, July/August 2011


One Response

  1. I guess it comes down to just what you think the whole point of life is. Is it to be the richest and most efficiently competitive or is it to be the most fulfilled and happy? When you look at the many studies done that measure over all satisfaction with life and successful “pursuit of happiness” the US does not rank well. Maybe we should turn some of our competitiveness towards becoming the happiest. You know what they say that money can’t buy…

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