Food Insecurity questioned

I recently completed an article titled, Hunger in America: The Myth.

Some of its salients points are:

  • Free school lunch kids waste 46% more food than regular price kids. How can poor kids be hungrier?
  • School lunch waste is about 30%. Where’s the hunger?
  • School lunch provides all the calories a kid needs; then poor kids go home and eat the food stamp pop, candy bars, take-and-bake pizza and donuts.
  • A family of 6 can get $24,300 per year in food stamps, free school food and food bank food. A non-recipient family of 6 usually spends $11,500 per year on food.
  • The poor are adding weight faster than the non-poor.
  • Arguments as to why the poor make bad choices with food stamps do not stand scrutiny.
  • The food stamp program this year costs $77 billion. Mr. Obama wants to add $9 billion to that. A healthy food list reform could cut spending in half; no recipient would go hungry and the nation’s deficit would be substantially reduced.
  • At least 57% of food stamp spending is for foods high in high fructose corn syrup, cholesterol, fat and sodium. Food stamps buy unhealthy food.
  • The USDA and the Obama Administration are aggressively expanding food stamps and free school lunch.
  •  The USDA rebuffedNew York City’s request to drop soda pop from permissible food stamp purchases.
Its conclusion is: One should imbibe alarms about pervasive hunger skeptically.

One Response

  1. I have always found it interesting that one of the requirements for a family to stay at the Family Promise Shelter is that they eat dinner together as a family. When my wife or I cook dinner at home we can feed our family for less than half of the cost of going out to a fast food restaurant and the food is significantly healthier (I find this to be the case with all restaurants, not just fast food).

    When families do not eat dinner together, everyone reverts back into a constant snack mode that is not healthy and very expensive. When we go out to eat though it is not to save money, but to save time. It takes a significant amount of time to prepare and clean up after a meal.

    The food stamp program is incredibly wasteful and should be tied to healthy food. The real problem is the same as cooking at home, it is easier to throw more money at the problem than it is to sit down and redesign the program to make it more efficient and effective. We also have private firms that have a vested interest in being included in the program like Coca-cola and Pepsi-co spending money to make sure that they do not get cut out.

    Cutting funding to the program does not fix the problem either. The reason that we now have a Tea Party and a Occupy Wall Street movement is that people are doubting that our current system can sit down and fix problems without selling out to the special interests that make campaign contributions. They are both the same protest, just from the right and the left.

    The people who run these programs are quality people who want to make a difference, but most of the time, they lack the perspective to be able to fix the problems with the programs that they oversee. The question becomes, who’s responsibility is it to fix these types of flaws in the system and how do we make something that works better?

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