How to Begin Reading the Bible

How to Begin Reading the Bible

This week, a friend said he was thinking of reading the Bible and some of the classics of Eastern religions. He seemed open to suggestion, so, as to the Bible, I suggested he start with the shortest of the three story-telling gospels, Mark. In my Bible, it is only twenty-seven pages. Then he might read one or both of the other story-telling gospels, Matthew or Luke. Repetition, in a different cast, helps.

Soldier Reading Bible.

Soldier Reading Bible

The story of Jesus Christ is the story of the greatest man who ever lived. The Bible is about him and how he blazed the path back to God for us.

After reading two or all three of the story-telling gospels, he could read John, the account more given to the ideas, thoughts and teachings of Jesus.

The Acts would be easy reading. Save the book of Revelation for later. It is obscure to the beginner.

Then he could go to the beginning and read Genesis. It is easy reading.

Reading Proverbs is not hard work; it originates some of the aphorisms of modern English.

That is as far as we got. If he were still to be going, I would suggest Exodus, Esther, 1 Samuel, Psalms, James, Romans, Hebrews, and selected chapters from Isaiah. He might put questions to a friend or post them in an online forum, or read a study guide as he proceeds.


I certainly hope he begins.

This is a worthwhile guide:
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