Reading, So Far

I use The New Lifetime Reading Plan and Reading List for a Lifetime as guides.

The New Lifetime Reading Plan has 194 specific titles. It also lists sixteen authors whose recommended titles are too many to list. Fore example, it recommends reading all of Shakespeare and Selected Poems of W.H. Auden.

I’ve read thirty-one of the specific titles and parts of the works of other named authors such as Shakespeare, Murasaki Aristotle, Sun-Tzu, Aurelius, Augustine, Moliere, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Emerson, Boswell, Poe, Ibsen, Dickinson, Chekhov, Frost and Solzhenitsyn.

I’m about one-sixth of the way through this list. I’d better buckle down if I’m going to get them all read before death. Some that I have read I want to read again.

Reading List for a Lifetime has 112 titles. I’ve read 40 of them, putting me more than a third of the way through.

Right now I’m reading Middlemarch. It’s an unexpected delight. The prose is complex but the effort to understand it is rewarding. Eliot is humorous in her depictions of characters’ thoughts and actions. So far there is no gripping plot, and I’m past half-way, but the people keep me going.

I did take a break from Middlemarch for a few days to read two Dave Barry books, one of which was Dave Barry Does Japan. His gift for humor is bodacious.

This approach to history and literature has been most enlightening and pleasurable.


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