Getting Information from the USPS

I asked the USPS for daily, weekly and monthly information on revenues for Montana’s Post Offices. They said they would provide it if I pay $1,156,917.80.

That accounting software I and other taxpayers bought them doesn’t seem too good. I want my money back.

Maybe sales people at Quicken should give them a call and offer to sell them Quickbooks.

A downtown retailer with Quickbooks’ $199.96 software could generate revenue and expense reports in a jiffy.


Post Office Trilby

This news report is what prompted my interest:

The agency had originally targeted rural post offices because they are expensive to run and generate little revenue. Some of the smallest rural post offices earned an average of $15,000 annually, but cost $114,000 to operate, the Postal Service said.
I would like a spreadsheet so that “smoothing” of the data could be clarified, showing the distribution of per visit costs. Some offices would exceed the $114,000/$15,000 cost-per-revenue; at some the ratio would be less. I wanted to construct a table and graph. On average the cost per dollar of revenue in the 4,500 offices is $7.60. To rephrase it, I wanted to parse this data, to look behind the average.
Maybe I just need to get a government grant for $1.2 million to afford the study.
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