Notes from Conference

Notes from Conference


Hamilton: Attend Sunday meetings.

Ochoa: Look up, when encountering doubt.

Nelson: We are eternal beings, spirit children of heavenly Parents. Revere human life through each of it many stages. God’s marriage pattern cannot be misconstrued or altered, not if you want happiness. Governments have an interest in strengthening marriage in the interest of best providing health, welfare and education.

Monson: Always be kind.

Monson: 15 million members, 80,000 missionaries. Give money to missionary fund.

Hales: Adam, Christ, Peter, Joseph Smith. Spirit guides preparations for conference. Members and all hearers can get personalized guidance when listening. The greatest blessings of conference come after conference is over. Read and ponder the talks. UseChurch websites and apps.

Soares: None is acceptable before God except the humble. Christ-like attributes to seek…

Meekness is necessary. Control our temper. …in meekness instructing them who oppose themselves. The Savior is the ultimate in meekness.

Stephens: To attain divine nature we need the ordinances of baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, endowment and sealing. Having a priesthood holder in the home- what is the significance? Help members to receive the ordinances. Every woman in the church needs to know she has a bishop and a home teacher available to bless her. Do we know who we are? (Better questions have a less interrogatory form.)

Dube: Standing as a witness of Christ is a life-long commitment. Find the Joseph Smith quote he gave about Christ being the center of all our teachings and work; teach from it.

Bednar: Tithing brings significant, subtle blessings; discern them with spiritual insight. A grateful person is rich in contentment. Church does not spend more than it takes in and maintains a reserve fund.

Uchtdorf: Once there was a man… Consecrate all. Why would anyone want to join such a church? Why would anyone leave? Welcome dissenters back. “Will ye also go away? To whom shall we go?” Come and find truth, a place to put faith into action and a place to belong.

Packer: Can one find a safe place to raise children these days? Yes. Read scriptures. Repent. The scriptures are the key to our protection.

Christofferson: Women provide a moral foundation in society. The innate moral power in women. In the home, in the traditional family. Where the traditional family is not, try to duplicate its benefits as best you can in your own situation. Women teach the importance of sexual purity. Pernicious philosophies; devaluation of home-making, attitudes of sexual impurity, sexual relations without conscience, barring feminine and masculine differences.

Nielsen: Pray to bring someone closer to God each day. Pray for local missionaries and those they are teaching. Until you know a person’s name and face, you cannot know their heart. Bronze shoes of a hard-working missionary. Study and learn the Articles of Faith and the doctrines they teach.

Ballard: Most important duty is to preach the gospel. Ask; missionary sharing opportunities will be given you. Have no fear about sharing the gospel. Pray to reach out between now and Christmas.

Perry: The Articles of Faith. Who has the permission to baptize? Aaronic Priesthood. Who has the supervision of granting this permission? Melchizedek Priesthood.

Causse: Different nations. Definition of “stranger” in legal history. The law of perfect love. Whoever enters our meetinghouse should feel at home. Fellowshipping is an important priesthood responsibility. Greet visitors warmly and invite them to sit with you. “He that feareth him and worketh righteousness is accepted of him.”

Funk: Elder Pokerl in India. Think what good comes from broken things, like broken hearts and contrite spirits. Bring top 5 scriptures about the way Christ redeems, that you would recommend to a person desperate to repent. Be humble, obedient and hark to the voice of the Spirit. “Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and have been called of him to teach these things to the people that they might have eternal life.”

Uchtdorf: We just need someone to look us in the eyes, take us by the hand and say, “you can do it now.” We have a Champion, a Savior who walked through the valley of the shadow of death. Satan confuses us about who we are and what we desire.

Eyring: We are responsible for others. “He went to him” provided wine, oil, put him on his beast and instructed the innkeeper to take care of him. Eyring’s bishop said that “he needed me.” (That’s how Jerry Olson would call when he was bishop and I was his counselor, “Tom I need you to do this and this.”) The greater charge for priesthood holders is to give spiritual help.

Monson: The Good Shepherd vs. the sheepherder. We can testify to those we home teach, nurture, inspire, teach, counsel and direct. Carry the Spirit into every home and heart. Be an answer to a prayer. If complacent, there’s no time like now to make all necessary effort to reach the homes of those assigned. We have many home teachers that go and go. Be true shepherds.

Eyring: Heavenly Father has set the same path to happiness for all his children: obeying the commandments. Be in a place to feel the Lord’s forgiveness. Accept and magnify callings. The plan of happiness.

Oaks: The Ten Commandments. “A jealous God” means He possesses deep feelings. We offend God when we have other priorities like political correctness, recreational pursuits, power, prominence and prestige. The plan of happiness. The creation, the commandments, the redemption and eternal families. Bearing children is a duty. We grieve at the sharply declining birthrate in historically Christian peoples. It threatens the survival of cultures. The perceived necessity of fathers is declining. Those demanding tolerance should show respect to the religious. Sexual relations are only to be between a man and a woman who are married. We are distressed at 41% out-of-wedlock childbearing. 50 years ago cohabitation was nil, now 60% of marriages are preceded by cohabitation. The difference between men and women is necessary for God’s eternal plan. No adultery or fornication. Courage to live decently. A moral coward is one who fails to do what he knows is right for fear of being laughed at. (I remember Jessica standing out in orchestra class. That took guts!)

Oscarson: Agnes Hogan was asked to give up her daughter for adoption by the wealthy family who had taken a liking to her. She said no. The New Morality of the 60’s was just the old immorality.

Maynes: Enduring in righteousness.

Scott: What youth should do now: get a more sure understanding of the atonement of Jesus Christ. Repentance is not punishment; it is the hope-filled path.

Monson: Centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to pull through.

Cook: Bondage and subjugation

McKonkie: A successful gospel teacher asks what would the Savior say if he were teaching my class today? (What questions might he elicit?) It is not what you say while teaching, it is what the student wonders and seeks, that causes learning.


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  1. Really enjoyed these succinct reminders of a powerful General Conference!

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