City Commission and Mayor Candidate Survey

Questions for City Commission and Mayor candidates


Are there any principles of Smart Growth that you fault?

Have you ever read a book critical of Smart Growth? What was its title?

Have you ever read a book praising Smart Growth? What was its title?

Should taxpayers continue subsidizing curbside recycling or should patrons pay full costs?

Should city taxpayers continue subsidizing Streamline at the present level of expenditure?

Do you know the extent of the combined subsidies for operation and capital costs for Streamline? The cost per ride subsidy?

Do you support adding to the subsidies for Streamline?

Have you talked to any people harmed by the sign code and its enforcement? Have you talked with at least three people harmed by planning regulations?

Do you support a higher minimum wage?

Do you support living wage ordinances? If so, at what dollar amount?

Do you support workforce housing requirements that require developers to set aside a percentage of their houses for low-income subsidized houses?

Do you support an ordinance forbidding car idling for more than five minutes?

Do you support Bozeman’s Community Climate Action Plan of 2011? Which, if any, of its proposals do you consider excessive?

Do you support an urban growth boundary?

Would you support tax increases? For what purposes and in what amounts?





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