It’s a Food Revolution!

It’s a Food Revolution!

Food Day is October 24, 2013: it’s a nationwide and statewide collective action.

Crunch an apple at 12pm (Eastern time) on October 24th to create the “crunch heard ’round the world.”[1]

International Fooders of the World, Unite!



“The Big Apple Crunch is an attempt to set the world record for the “Most Participants in an Apple-Crunching Event.” This event will take place on FOOD DAY – October 24, 2012. New Yorkers can participate by getting together and crunching an apple at one synchronized time – 12pm on October 24th – or any other time that day. “[4]

Synchronicity creates solidarity! All together now!

“This year’s Food Day, which takes place on October 24, has a special focus on activities aimed at teaching kids to cook, with the nationwide action Let’s Get Cooking. “[5]

Montana’s Office of Public Instruction is totally in.[6] Gallatin Valley Farm to School is urging area schoolchildren to “join students statewide in a collective crunch in celebration of Food Day on October 24 at exactly 2:00 pm, Mountain Time.”[7] It’s communal, dude!

In Goodnoe, Pennsylvania last year, students “sang an apple song” on Apple Day.[8] The Apple Internationale?

“Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food.”[9]

For my part, I think I shall eat a Baby Ruth bar in a sign of unorthodoxy.

Click on footnote 2 below to see Jamie Oliver’s logo for the Food Revolution. The communist raised fist is clenching a kitchen stirring spoon, emitting red stars. The font is heavy and red. Jamie’s photo pose is also the raised communist fist. I leave the screen shot of these things out of this post because of concern that Jamie Oliver would claim an infringement of intellectual property rights. Wouldn’t that be an irony, though!


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