ObamaCare: A Great Idea?

Alan Blinder writes in the Wall Street Journal[1] that Obamacare is a horrible, embarrassing, inexcusable, unmitigated disaster. The rollout was botched and badly designed. The website is a catastrophe, a debacle, a glitchy failure. Virtually no one actually understands how the new law works. The law makes the administration look like a gang that couldn’t shoot straight. It’s a national laughingstock and undermines trust in government. The foregoing are all Blinder’s words.


As utopians do, he still claims “the basic idea” behind the law is good; implementation failed though the program’s lofty goals are wonderful.


It’s always like this with command-and-control; sterling intentions meet reality. It reminds me of responses I get from some young people when I ask them what they know about communism: they say that it is an economic system that is a really good idea but has never been properly carried out.

[1] Despite a Botched Rollout, the Health-Care Law Is Worth It. Alan S. Blinder, WSJ, November 12, 2013. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887324432404579051123500813210


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