Is Redemption Spiritual Welfare?


Is it something for nothing, a handout[1], the dole?


The scriptures tell us it is free[2] and open to all[3], its effects immediate[4].

But the effort expended by the Redeemer was hardly free; it was infinite and eternal[5].

Should not our part be commensurate? Is it? Where’s the parity?


How can redemption be free yet infinitely expensive?


For answers, choose from the following scriptures:

1 Nephi 2:15

Alma 36:12

John 11:35

3 Nephi 9:20

Mosiah 21:35

1 Corinthians 15:29

Alma 21:18

[1] Romans 11:6

[2] 2 Nephi 26:27,  2 Nephi 2:4

[3] 2 Nephi 26: 24-27

[4]Alma 34:31

[5]Alma 34:10


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