What is Communism? Communism Ends Income Inequality.

What is Communism Power

Click the link above for a Power Point slide show I composed about communism and income inequality.


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  1. I like the slides. I have read a couple of historical novels from the time of WW1 and WW2 this year and the origins of communism in Russia as well as the rise of Fascism in Europe. Both of those systems gained popular support because the living conditions of the populations were so bad at the time and the majority of the ruling class did not seem to care or do anything about it.

    The violence involved seems to be as much a paranoia of keeping the revolution safe from counter revolutions as it is about any particular form of government, I would imagine that if one were to look at revolutions where a dictator or other non-democratic form of government was installed that this would be a similar theme.

    I am a capitalist with an MBA, but to an extent I think that the current trend of paying CEOs more and more has gotten out of hand. It may be that I have met enough CEOs to realize that most of them are not really that much smarter or better at what they do than I would be (certainly not thousands of times better). The JC Penny’s CEO example is a good one of why I think the Occupy Wall Street movement has started, people watch a select few making a lot of money to do a job and fail at that job.

    For all of the metrics that are rewarded for an executive position, improving working conditions and wages for employees is not one of them. I think that is to an extent a problem. Socialists do not have an answer that would help the US, but it is amazing how hard it is to get a conversation started about how can we fix the system because it is seen as an attack on capitalism. I agree with the Pope in his statement that unfettered capitalism is dangerous too.

    The analysts and the investor markets cause businesses to skew away from looking out for their employees. I think that there are probably little changes to the way our capitalist system works that could make businesses in the US stronger and help employees feel more valued.

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