Car Repair Affirmations

Car Repair Performance Power


My sister, Marta, is a vocal coach. She’s helping us, her siblings, prepare for a concert in which we’ll all sing. I wondered if I could use her performance affirmations as I contemplated repairing my car’s power window.


She counteracts, “What if my high notes are flat?” with, “My high notes are easy, floating and in-tune.” She suggests asking questions that lift you, such as, “What am I happy about today? What am I excited about today? What am I grateful for today? What am I proud about today? Who do I love? Who loves me?”


But fear creeps in. I ask, “Will my wife think less of me if I try but fail to install the window motor?”


Marta says, “Visualize your performance in great detail. If you created the perfect scenario for a performance, what would it be? Rehearse that perfect performance again and again. Make this imaginary performance part of your Comfort Zone.”


So I go to YouTube and watch an effortless, flawless mechanical performance of removing the door panel, disconnecting the wires, removing the motor, then replacing everything. It takes Hank six minutes. I visualize myself doing it again and again.


On the power of physiology, Marta writes, “Recall the best performances in your life, when everything flowed and it seemed you could do no wrong.” I have often removed ice from my windshield, a car repair triumph, if that’s what she’s alluding to. I’m also haunted by the memory of warming our frozen Oldsmobile Omega with a diesel space heater. The car was left with sagging plastic panels around the radiator, like it had suffered an automotive stroke.


“What happened with your physiology to create that incredible high? What were you doing with your facial muscles? Eyes? Breathing? Physical movements? Voice? DISCOVER your own POWER MOVES!


I apply this to my upcoming mechanic job. I think how I will stride toward the care with a brutish, smug, swagger, look upon the door panel with disdain, smile condescendingly, and hum carelessly.


“How would the world’s greatest performer stand, breathe, walk, talk, etc. Take charge of your STATE of MIND and BODY. Choose to put yourself into this powerful state before performing.”




Examples of voice affirmations:


I love to sing! This is so much fun! I love car repairs! This is so fun!

I am an excellent singer. I am an excellent mechanic. I am handy.

I am very well prepared. I have associated with automobiles for 59 years.

I am very well prepared. I watched the video twice.

I know my pieces well. My tools and I are one.

I am well-conditioned for this performance. Because I am not mortally sick, I must have the needed strength.

It’s so exhilarating to show what I have learned. I thrill to show my wife I am not a hopeless clutz.

I am full of energy. I flex my awesome core and upper body and clench my teeth in a fearsome display of authority.

I love making the sound ring. I love unraveling automotive mysteries.


I removed and replaced the door panel and motor. The window did not roll up. Something else was the problem. I did not let this temporary set-back diminish my triumphalism. I consulted Marta’s list once more and said strongly, “I am bringing joy to others.”




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