The Spirit of Laws

The Spirit of Laws

By Montesquieu


Finished for the second time, March 12, 2014


That last 100 pages of fiefs, fredum, vassals, lords, counts, mayors and allodial estates was a chore but the rest of the book was good reading.


Now that I’ve read Livy and Gibbon, my second reading was much more enjoyable than the first. He scans human behavior and laws in a very interesting way. His analysis of despotism seems applicable to Mr. Obama’s lawless re-writing of his own health law of recent days. Arbitrary government is eschewed by Montesquieu.


I have hundreds of underlinings and I’m reviewing them before shelving the book.


This book from the mid 17th century was known to the founders of this country and influenced them with its ideas of good government.


I’m sure I will come back to this book.

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