What Causes Poverty?

I asked a convenience store clerk this question.
She said, “What’s your answer?”
I said I was looking for answers from others and not giving answers.
She said forcefully, “Lack of ambition.”

I asked a grocery clerk.
She was heavily tattooed. Some piercing holes remained above her eyebrows.
She said, “People who are idiots.”
She said she was pretty much in poverty.
“You can do all you should and if the others don’t do…(I can’t remember her words well enough to reconstruct them), you’ll be in poverty.

I asked a retail store stocker .
He said, “I know in Illinois, where I’m from, the big problem is that if you’re under the poverty line and you work too much, they takes away all your benefits. I think that’s a big problem. I don’t know how it works in Montana.”


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