About Tom

Hiking New World Gulch

Hiking New World Gulch


Amateur botanist

Business career

Government watchdog

Civic involvement

How I change the world

Music appreciation

What gives me joy: Music, worship, family.

6 Responses

  1. Tom,

    You are amazing! I am so impressed!


  2. Hey, I enjoyed your Kenyan Scammer blog. I think I might send you my 401(K) or better yet all the Indian money that the Bureau of Indian Affairs can’t seem to manage very well!!

    How’s my old basketball buddy? Still getting in some games at lunch time? As for me, I am still dribbling (and not from my chin, either), I have a team in the Portland city league.


    • Hi Buzz:
      Still playing. Three days per week. Anything more would be OCD.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the Kenyan scammer.
      Best, Tom

  3. Hey Tom, (it feels strange to call you by your first name by the way) I just wanted to post, and comment on how much i like your blog. Ive kept up with it for a month or soo now. It’s nice to hear your views on what’s going on in the world. Keep it up.

    • Hi Jeremy:
      How’s it going? Are you still with Pulte? They’re hanging in there, ok, right?
      Are you keeping up with the news these days?
      Where do you get your news?
      I showed my folks your When in Rome video on You Tube.
      I helped your GPa this morning with a plumbing problem.
      Take care,

  4. Hi, Tom! 🙂 This blog is full of wisdom and greatness. Thanks for all your work to keep freedom alive and thinking true!

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