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On Mt. Ellis with family. Wet.

ATV seat

ATV seat

Taxpayers pay fortunes for weatherizing homes, while this door on the capitol had 1/4″ gaps on three sides and a 3/8″ hole bored through it. The hallway was like a refrigerator on cold days. I’m just doing my part to save energy. Being green is enormously important.
My daughters recycled magazine paper bracelets. $49.95 each.
My daughter’s recycled magazine paper bracelets. $49.95 each.

Smoothies for 120 at the family reunion.

3 Responses

  1. Tom:

    I am sending an email to most of the GOP candidates. Press on, be positive and tie even your campaign into the Obama Agenda. Encourage people as good days are ahead. Go door to door and do that especially with your family members. Work hard.

    Remember that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Obama and not for Montana.

    I like your website.

    Gary Carlson

  2. Hi Tom – At the urging of my wife, who quickly became a big fan of your web site, I must admit that I also share her enthusiasm. I enjoy your blog very much. I don’t have the talent to make either music, or blog sites… however, what I am able to do is enjoy the blessings of those that can. Thank you for sharing.
    Ed Greef

  3. forgot to check the boxes below the first time….

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