Rosmersholm by Ibsen

Most plays are hard for me to read and infer tone and inflection.

Rosmershom’s philosophical inferences kept me going. This book’s themes will keep me reflecting for a long time.

I thought of the following teachers and writers: Jesus, Paul, Leon Kass, Hans Jonas, Milton, Nietzsche, Hawthorne, Lenin, Kierkegaard, Joseph Smith, Friedan.

Again, I am indebted to Arthur Henry King’s Reading List for a Lifetime for pointing me to this fine work.

How to Give a Bad Talk

How to Give a Bad Talk

(On some of these points, sadly, I am writing from experience.)

Apologize for not preparing

Tell the story of how you were asked to give the talk

Talk about the talk, its evolution in your mind

Read anything for longer than eight seconds

Tell people what to do, be preachy

Tell no stories, except about being asked to give the talk

Give general principles and doctrines

Explain how a doctrine works


Set yourself above the hearer

Do not speak from the heart

Avoid basics

Don’t ask others how you may improve the talk

Don’t practice

Don’t time your talk

Talk longer than assigned

Public speaking

Original Music at my YouTube Channel

Here’s how to listen to recent postings of my compositions.

Moliere: The Would-be Gentleman

This is a hilarious play I just read. Seeing it live would be one of the rewards of living in New York or London where theater productions proliferate. Alas.

The Sun Has Burst the Sky

An original composition.


Mountain Romance Waltz

I composed this tune a few years back and dedicated it to my sister and brother-in-law and their family.

Peace as a River

Peace as a River An original composition of mine at YouTube.